ICF – ID Group Homes

Intermediate Care Facilities for persons with Intellectual Disabilities (ICF-ID)

The ICF-ID program provides residential and habilitation services to people with intellectual disabilities and/or related conditions. ICF-ID are group homes that serve 6 individuals with like abilities. With ICF group homes there is no State/DADS waiting lists. Waiting lists are developed by the provider who determines if an individual would be able to benefit by living in a home that would have similar individuals living there.

In order to live in an ICF-ID home the person must have a Determination of Intellectual Disability made in accordance with State Law and must benefit from “active treatment” in a supervised 24 hour setting.

We are affiliated with 4 ICF-ID homes, Walnut Creek located in Grand Prairie, TX an all female home, Brookwood I an all male home located in Southlake, TX, Brookwood II a co-ed home in Hurst, TX and Brookwood III an all male home located in Southlake, TX. Each home has its own distinctive personality. All of our homes are filled at this time.

For further information regarding our ICF-ID group homes, or to get on a waiting list, please visit the Brookwood website, brookwoodgrouphome.com or contact Nanette Morrison at 214-728-1567.

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