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Mission Statement

AIM HIGH Home and Community Services, Inc. will provide individuals served with the same rights and responsibilities exercised by persons without disabilities. Each individual, along with their family, will participate in making choices about where they live, where they attend school or work and how they enjoy their leisure time. Teaching or training programs will emphasize each individual’s potential to function as independently as possible, and above all AIM HIGH will insure that each individuals rights are being exercised and protected and each individual’s humanity and dignity are respected.


The Managing Owners/Administrator, Wendy Yates and Connie LeeMauk, have been serving individuals with Developmental Disabilities for over 35 years. Their combined knowledge and experience is unmatched. AIM HIGH Home and Community Services, AHHCS, Inc., was established in 2009. AIM HIGH has two sister companies, Brookwood Group Homes and Walnut Creek Residential Services, Inc. which have been in business since 1990.
Wendy Yates
Owner/Program Administrator

Wendy Yates is a graduate of the University of North Texas. Wendy is the Program Administrator for Aim High and her resume includes Supervisor of Case Management and Quality Assurance for one of the largest HCS programs in Texas. Prior to HCS she was a QMRP Supervisor and Facility Client Rights Investigator in a large ICF-MR group home, Program Director for numerous small ICF-MR group homes, as well as direct care services. Wendy has also volunteered in numerous athletic programs for the Developmentally Disabled such as Texas Challenger and Special Olympics.
Connie Rogers LeeMauk
Owner/Financial Administrator

Connie Rogers LeeMauk is a graduate of Texas Tech University with a degree in Social Welfare. Connie is the Financial Administrator for Aim High and her resume includes owner and operator of a small ICF group home since 1992. Connie’s prior professional positions have included Program Director of an HCS program in the DFW area, Managing Partner in NewBreak, LLP, which operated large and small ICF-MR programs, ICF-MR Surveyor, and Social Worker at Lubbock State School. Connie has been a long standing advocate for individuals with intellectual disabilities, beginning with her Uncle Jack, who taught her that love is unconditional.

As our name states we will AIM HIGH and insure that we are the Premier Providers in the great State of Texas. Please contact us for further information. We look forward to you or your loved one becoming part of our family!

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