Welcome to AIM HIGH Home and Community Services, Inc.

The Owners and Managing Administrators of AIM HIGH Home and Community Services, Inc., Wendy Kay Yates and Connie Rogers LeeMauk, have served the needs of persons with Intellectual Disabilities, for over 35 years. They have taken roles as Advocates, as Social Workers, as Client Rights Officers, as Case Managers, as ICF-MR Surveyor/Inspectors and as Owners of small and large ICF-MR group homes.

AIM HIGH is Proud of our extremely knowledgeable Case Managers – Judy Bell, Julie Pearce, Mallory Tarvin, Teri Gunnels, Nan Morrison and Gina Moehlig, our Nurse Kylie Woolridge, Financial Manager Melinda Robison and our Residential Manager April Boughton. AIM HIGH/Brookwood/Walnut Creek’s Direct Care staff is extensive and experienced and we thank them daily for their care and tenderness.

AIM HIGH is dedicated to Connie’s “Uncle Jack”. Although he is no longer with us, this company will forever be guided by his spirit, his unconditional love and to his zest for life. As our name implies, we will Aim High to insure that each individual served is being treated with the same care, the same respect and the same dignity we would have afforded Uncle Jack.

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